The story of Eradicil in the UK

about-cycleThe Directors of V Pharma discovered Eradicil a few years ago when visiting a partner company in Switzerland.

Both had suffered from athlete’s foot for some time and had used the usual powders and creams without total success. Once they started to use Eradicil in addition to their usual foot powder they found that the infection quickly cleared and did not return. Impressed with the product they launched Eradicil to the UK.

Listen to the full story, as broadcast on the BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Drivetime Show!

Eradicil's heritage - tried and trusted

Eradicil was developed by a Swiss by pharmaceutical company with the aim of eradicating fungi and bacteria that breed in laundry. It has been widely distributed throughout Germany, Switzerland and the Eastern European states, under another brand name.

Licensed and distributed in the UK by V Pharma Ltd, a specialist pharmaceutical company working with anti-infection products, Eradicil was launched in the UK in 2009.

A liquid laundry sanitiser and detergent, Eradicil has been laboratory tested and has passed all the stringent safety tests required for license and sale in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

In customer Surveys in the United Kingdom, 90% of customers said they were satisfied with the results that Eradicil gave them.