This is what customers had to say about how Eradicil worked for them

"It's easy to use and appears to work quickly. My son's athlete's foot has almost cleared where creams and powders had stopped working". Mrs. P., Lincolnshire

"Easy to use and doesn't smell clinical". Mrs. D., Cambridgeshire

"With a family of teenage boys and a younger son, it certainly helps keep socks, towels and undies cleaner!" Mrs.K., Cornwall

"…the fact that it is so simple to use and has eradicated our problems". Ms. J., Birmingham

"…seems to clean very effectively". Mr.D.McJ., Edinburgh

"Using it in the pre-wash allows me to feel that I am taking precautions against re-infection. The pre-wash dose does not make my laundry smell funny". Ms. C., Wiltshire

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