What are the common skin infections?

Skin infections caused by fungi and bacteria are very common and over a third of people in the UK could be suffering from one type of fungal or bacterial infection at any one time. The most common are:

Athlete's foot is the most prevalent, with nearly 2/3 of people in the UK suffering from athlete's foot at some time in their life.

Break the cycle of re-infection


Fighting fungal infection such as athlete's foot, thrush, and fungal nail is no easy or pleasant task and topical creams or tablets only help as the first line of defence.

Whilst the infection is still active on the skin, tiny skin scales can carry the fungi or bacteria to bath mats, towels, sheets, socks and underwear that can re-infect you or be transmitted via the laundry to other members of your household or family (cross-infection).

Today's eco-friendly washing machines are not able to reach the very high, sustained temperatures needed to kill the fungi and bacteria living in skin scales - so the cycle of re-infection continues when you have contact with your fresh laundry items.

Just one capful of Eradicil in every machine pre-wash will break the cycle of re-infection and make sure you and your family are in the clear.