How To Use

How To Use

How to use Eradicil

Today's eco-friendly, household washing machines wash at low temperatures with shorter cycles. Eradicil is formulated to be effective from 30 degrees, killing off fungi and bacteria and breaking the cycle of re-infection.

How to use it

  • Set the dial of your washing machine to a pre-wash cycle
  • Set other dials as needed (i.e.: temperature)
  • Place one capful (20ml) of Eradicil in the pre-wash dispenser draw
  • Place your usual laundry detergent in the main wash dispenser draw
  • If using a laundry softener, place in the softener dispenser draw
  • Press the start button

How much Eradicil do I need to use?

One capful per wash load (20ml) in the pre-wash dispenser drawer of your automatic washing machine. You may see some soap bubbles during the pre-wash.

Just one capful per wash load in the pre-wash cycle will give the correct concentration of disinfectants to kill fungi and bacteria.

How long do I need to use Eradicil to ensure our laundry is germ free?

For Fungal and Bacterial Infections, we recommend that you use Eradicil for as long as the infection is present and as a precautionary measure, at least two washing cycles after the infection has cleared.

Eradicil is colour safe in your wash

Eradicil is a non-biological, liquid, laundry sanitiser and detergent that contains two disinfectants. Since it does not contain strong stain removing enzymes, it is gentle on your clothes and colour-safe.

Do I need to use Eradicil to wash all the household laundry?

In most households, clothes and underwear from different family members is washed together in the same wash cycle, mainly for economic reasons. Skin scales that live and breed in an infected persons clothes can infect other laundry. In order to reduce the risk of cross-infection and re-infection, it is advised to use Eradicil for all washing, but especially for towels and bath mats, sheets, underwear and socks.