Fast Facts
  1. Why should I use ERADICIL?
    Infection-causing germs (such as the bacteria and fungi responsible for athlete's foot, fungal nail, thrush and other skin diseases) can live and breed in the skin scales found in clothes, towels, bath mats, bed linen and can be spread to other people by cross-infection. They can also re-infect a treated person. These microbes cannot be killed in the domestic laundry process, so there is a need to add disinfectant agents to the domestic wash or pre-wash.

  2. How does ERADICIL work?
    ERADICIL contains disinfectants and antifungals that have been shown to kill the germs and fungal/yeast infections that breed in, and can be spread through, the laundry.

  3. How long should I use it for?
    At least two washes after the infected person has completed their personal course of treatment, as advised by their doctor or pharmacist.

  4. Which items of laundry should I wash with ERADICIL?
    All those worn and used by the infected person, particularly socks, underwear, towels, bath mats, sheets and pillow cases.

  5. Is one capful enough to kill the germs?
    Laboratory studies have shown that the amount suggested under "How to use", is sufficient to kill the germs.

  6. Will ERADICIL damage my clothes?
    Studies have shown that under normal washing conditions ERADICIL does not harm fabrics and is colour-safe. Always read and follow the manufacturer's laundry instructions for individual items.

  7. Will my laundry have a "medicated smell"?
    If ERADICIL is used as a pre-wash to your normal laundry detergent, your laundry will smell just as it always does - no 'hospital smell'. If ERADICIL is used as a replacement for your usual detergent your washing will have a pleasant but slightly "medicated smell".

  8. Is Eradicil laboratory tested?
    Yes it fully complies with British & European test standards for its antibacterial properties (BS EN 1276) and its antifungal and yeasticidal action (BS EN 1650:2008+A1:2013 modified).