Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

Santise your laundry, and make sure you’re in the clear

germ-free-laundry-dogEradicil will kill the fungi and bacteria in your laundry responsible for athlete’s foot and thrush and it is also a highly effective laundry sanitiser that can be used where a clean environment is essential, such as for:-

  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant women
  • People with reduced defence against infection such as people with cancer, organ transplant recipients (those taking immunosuppressive drugs)
  • People with HIV/AIDS
  • People with peripheral vascular disease
  • Long term heavy smokers

Formulated to be effective from 30 degrees Centigrade

Today’s eco-friendly domestic washing machines are not able to reach the high temperatures, for a sufficiently sustained time, in order to ensure “thermal disinfection”. Normal washing detergents are incapable of destroying fungal and bacterial infections that can accumulate in the laundry and the machine.

Eradicil has been formulated to be effective from 30 degrees Centigrade, leaving you with the peace of mind that the laundry and your machine has been effectively cleansed and disinfected after every single wash.

What is Eradicil and what does it contain?

germ-free-laundry-dogEradicil is a non-biological liquid laundry sanitiser and detergent that contains:

  • 2-phenylphenol - a disinfectant used in hospitals, nursing homes and food processing plants. It is also used to sterilise surgical equipment.
  • Chlorocresol is an antiseptic that kills a wide variety of bacteria and fungi and is also used in personal care products.
  • Silver ions- used in the healthcare and food industries for its antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • a widely used detergent

What does ‘non-biological’ mean?

Biological laundry detergents contain strong stain removal enzymes which can be very harsh on your clothes.

Eradicil is non-biological meaning that it contains no stain removal enzymes, making it much gentler on your delecates (colour-fast).

Just one capful in every pre-wash cycle will make sure you’re in the clear. Find out how to use Eradicil.