NEW FORMULA Eradicil NOW AVAILABLE WITH SILVER ION TECHNOLOGY TO break the cycle of re-infection in the laundry, where creams and lotions can't penetrate

Break the cycle of re-infection
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What people say about skin infections ...

"Over the years, I've tried everything my GP and high street chemist has to offer: tablets, creams, powders, pessaries and potions - I seem to get rid of it for a while, but it keeps coming back" Mrs. D.D., Norfolk

"I've given up, now I just soak my feet in vinegar every night in the hope it will do some good" Mr. O., London

"Why is it that skin infections like athlete's foot, thrush and fungal nail keep coming back?"
Mr. M.R., Kent

If this sounds like a familiar story, it's time to take a closer look at how people catch skin infections; how they spread from person to person and the shortcomings of modern washing machines. Find out more
Getting rid of skin infections
Eradicil has been specifically developed to be effective against all the main fungal and bacterial infections such as:

Athlete's foot
Fungal nail infection
Jock Itch
Squeaky clean laundry
Eradicil is a highly effective laundry sanitiser and can be used where a clean environment is essential, for the following people:

blob-2Elderly people
Pregnant Women
& diabetes patients
Low temperature washing
Formulated to be effective from 30 degrees, Eradicil will kill skin scales hiding in your clothes

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